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Hi, I'm Hanri Shaw, a Graphic Designer and a yoga teacher in training in the Oxfordshire area. In September 2009 I enrolled with the well known yoga teacher, Ruth White, to join her yoga teacher training course because after 10 years of going along to various yoga classes I enjoyed my yoga practice so much and had seen so many benefits that I wanted to expand my practice and share that with others.

The greatest benefit of yoga to me has been the balance that it has brought to my life on both a physical and mental level. Many people believe that you have to be flexible to do yoga, but really we are aiming to be as strong as we are flexible in both body and in mind. So whether you are already strong, flexible, neither or both, everybody will have their own starting point, and in a class of various abilities we are all working towards that same equilibrium. For both the experienced yogi and the complete beginner, yoga is a constant work in progress where we work hard and relax well.Focusing inwards on our bodies, controlling the breath and moving in a controlled way all helps us to bring peace and quiet to our busy minds and happiness into our lives. What a pleasure it is to share that with others.